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Alfalar Rottweiler Puppies for sale:Florida Breeder sells German and Akc German RottweilersAlfalar is a Tampa,Florida Breeder with Akc German Rottweiler Puppies for sale.Visit us for older rottweilers for sale .Rottweiler training ,rottweiler description rottweiler photos and more
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Learn about our German Rottweiler puppies for sale in Florida-                                                                              
   Expert Training , over 80 years combined  experience .                                                                                     
Stud service from excellent proven reproducing  German lines (from our imported dogs)                        
We are reputable breeders active in AKC conformation and obedience, Schutzhund and German
conformation showing . We are a small professional Rottweiler  Breeding  Kennel .Breeding Quality
Rottweilers since 1983 of impeccable  temperament, intelligence and health is our goal.
We trained, bred,raced and competed in quarter horse events since we were 16 that is when Frank & I
met. Married in 1968,both of us had a gsd at the time and took pride in our training ability and opened a
dog training facility .  In 1970 we purchased our dairy. That is when we really depended on our dogs for
working the cattle. We acquired our first rottweiler in 1971 and were instantly hooked on the breed.
From our first litter born 2/4/84 we kept a female,started showing her in 1985 and she became
American/Canadian Champion Baronese Maxsene Alfano,CD,CGC,TT,#1 female 1986,87,88- We have
been devoted to the breed since. Falko vom Steinkopf SCH3,IPO3,KORUNG,was my first schutzhund
dog,boy did he educate me,what a super dog he was. Falko and all our great dogs have had the heart
of a lion and the love and devotion of a best friend .We take great pride in our dogs and in providing
dogs for the family guardian ,working ,competition , conformation, or the serious protector..  
                                                              Trained Loved and shown by Frank Laura Alfano
Alfalar  German Rottweilers -Florida's finest  Breeding & Training  of working and
conformation bred rottweiler's
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This German breed takes it's name from the town and area of Rottweil in southern Germany. In ancient times, the Romans,
moving over the alps toward the town of Trier in Germany brought dogs to work the cattle herds brought along to feed the
army. By the middle ages, Rottweil had developed a dog, based on local breeds and the cattle dogs of the Romans, which
would care for stock, pull a cart and guard the master against robbers. Because the dog brought the cattle in for slaughter,
then pulled the cart which delivered the meat to customers, the rottweiler was often called "the Butcher's Dog." This was a
breed which originated with the poor man of the medieval times who needed a dog to help him in a variety of work, not the
single purpose of the wealthy. To learn more about the Rottweiler, if the breed is right for you and where to locate a breeder
look in
"The Basic Guide to the Rottweiler."
FRANK and LAURA ALFANO                                            
            owners of ALFALAR  German                             
breeder of merit                                               
The major difference between dogs bred in the US and those produced in Germany results from the fact that the ADRK is very selective about
which dogs are *allowed* to reproduce, i.e. dogs have to pass certain physical and temperamental requirements before the owners can breed
them. Although ethical American breeders follow similar guidelines, the vast majority of people who breed Rottweilers are high risk breeders
who are either ignorant of the fact that a breed standard exists or simply do not care whether or not their dog falls within the standard. The
indiscriminant breeding by these Americans produces Rottweilers who do not conform to the standard and who are highly inferior to those bred
by American Code of Ethics breeders and especially German ADRK members.

While ethical breeders from each country probably have certain traits or aspects of their dogs that they prefer to enhance through breeding, the
similarity of the breed standards for each country keeps these breeders in check and demands that they breed dogs who are within the
standards established for the breed. If one were to take a Rottweiler born to an American Code of Ethics breeder and put it side by side with a
Rottweiler born in Germany to an ADRK breeder, most people would be unable to tell which dog was born in Germany and which dog was born
in America. Unless, of course, the dogs were facing away from the observer, then one could quickly determine which dog was born in Germany
because tail docking is now banned in most European countries.
AKC Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Tampa AKC Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Tampa
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